Poesia del Losar Poem di Jacqueline Gens

Losar Poem for Year of the Fire Rooster/Bird by Jacqueline Gens.
Original art by Ingmar Pema Dechen 2017

Poesia del Losar per l’anno dell’Uccello/Gallo di Fuoco di Jacqueline Gens.
I disegni artistici sono di
Ingmar Pema Dechen 2017.

Year of the Fire Rooster/Bird
Ever awake among the slumbering
Lively harbinger of whatever awaits
Each day no task too daunting
For just as the sun rises
You’re always ready for any occasion
Reliable, precise, and to the point
No poison too toxic nor lethal
For that bright display which cheers us on
O great Fire Bird who arises from ashes
To transport us beyond our limits
In shining iridescence to meet our purpose
We welcome your daily summons
Into the fray at day’s break

Jacqueline Gens
Tsegyalgar East
Giorno delle Dakini, 21/02/2017

Uccello di Fuoco di Ingmar Pema Dechen

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